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Mick Weller’s second Camden rejection. A cliff-clowning Mexican Wave at London Undeground Comics 2008 (Social Reality Earthtime) wiped from YouTube

April 5, 2018
from slow science fiction#19 ‘It’s The Power, Man’, (Home’Baked Books, 2008)

[…] EarthCo Entertainment recorded Mick Weller cliff-clowning for laughs—small press cartoon character up-for-sale (no takers) as commodity for tourists in Camden Lock marketplace. In 3World Mogul Studios was just down the road, Mornington Crescent (Social Reality Earthtime 1965), publishing Record Fun and Agent 69. London Underground Comics on YouTube. Camden—time-space location Mike got his first rejection in comics universe.

Ten years after—seems he’s been given the boot from Camden again!